2022 Kiddush Sponsor Calendar at Fromovitz Chabad Center

"The Kiddush" has become a vital part of Chabad as it does much to create friendships, community and the warm Shul atmosphere in which we take great pride.
Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, or commemorate the Yahrtzeit of a loved one, by sponsoring a Kiddush.
Additionally, Kiddush can be sponsored in honor of a family member, friend or in honor of the community.

Sponsorship levels begin at $200.  To sponsor a Kiddush  please email [email protected] or call  216-647-4884.

Please check the chart below to see if the date that you prefer is available.

Sponsored By
5 Lech-Lecha Sylvia Morrison In honor of Alon's Birthday
12 Vayeira  Zalmen Gerchikov and Milla Bartram Yahrzeit of Zalman’s father Mordechi Ben Zalman
19 Chayei Sarah    
26 Toldos Aron and Raisa Freylkhman  


Date Parsha Sponsored By Occasion
3 Vayeitzei Marshall Rosenberg Yahrtzeit of his wife
10 Vayishlach Dr. Ilia Itin Yahrtzeit of his father
17 Vayeishev    
24 Miketz Devorah Silverman Yahrtzeit of her uncle, Bernard Lipsitz
31 Vayigash Aron and Raisa Freylkhman  


Sponsored By
7 Vayechi    
14 Shemos    
21 Va'eira    
28 Bo    


February 2023
Date Parsha Sponsored By Occasion
4 Beshalach    
11 Yisro    
18 Mishpatim    
25 Teruma    


March 2023
Date Parsha Sponsored By Occasion
4 Tetzave    
11 Ki Sisa Brian Krantz Yahrtzeit of Betty (Bayla) Krantz
18 Vayekhel-Pikudei    
25 Miketz